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Biography words

Paul loves to be inspired by non-western music
schools, i.e.: Music and the Art of Seduction,
Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, Bake
Society for Ethnomusicology, International Chime

Increasingly Paul is intrigued to work with
different disciplines and to incorporate those in
the composing process.Thereby the main theme
is not confrontation, on the contrary, it is the
inspiration. It is a blend of cultures.
Paul is also inspired by early music, especially
when vocal. However, the current composer
generation, striving after a serene simplicity full
of eloquence is also a huge source of inspiration
for him. Yet he is not afraid to express himself in
a lyrical way in his work as well. A musician should
also be able to feel his instrument fully, an interesting
story is not enough', as Paul often says.
His work often has a poetic character.

His oeuvre comprises over forty musical pieces,
for solo instruments, chamber ensembles and
Composer Paul Frankhuijzen born in the
Netherlands, 1956 has studied the following

Analogue Studio Technique with J.Vink and Sound
Signal Processing and Psychoacoustics with
drs S.Tempelaars at The Institute for Sonology in
Composition with Daan Manneke and Alexandru
Hrisanide, at the Brabant Conservatory, which he
concluded with success in 1995.
He attended many workshops and lectures, with
among others Louis Andriessen, Theo Loevendie,
Tristan Keuris, Luciano Berio, György Kurtág, Karl
Husa and Rebecca Stewart.
Ensemble Directing with Martien van Woerkum,
and orchestra Directing with Jac. van Steen (as
practice teacher).
Two years of singing lessons in Early Vocal Music.

Musicians and ensembles who play Paul’s music.

Mondriaan stringquartet, innovative contemporary music. Monica Germino, violin, vanguard of new music. Marc Versteeg, director. Ken Gould, baritone, Israelische cultuur and open mind. Cello duo Dubbelduet, experience without concession. Tomoko Mukaiyama, piano. Margot Kalse, alto voice. Quink vocal. Mifune Jackson, violin. The Roentgen Connection, twenty-one century baroque. Elsbeth Gerritsen, alto voice. Jan Nuchelmans, music history. Fokko Oldenhuis, director. Saxophone quartet Axone. Dr. Rebecca Stewart, visionary of the early vocal. Yoko Kobayashi, recorder. Kees van de Wiel, music recording. Aart Strootman, guitar. Martijne van Dijk, saxophone. Preslmayr, viola da gamba. Bram  Verheijen, tenor. Jacqueline Hamelink, cello. Bert Palinckx, director November music. Maurice van Lieshout, recorder, specialist medieval, renaissance, baroque to new music. Goska Ispharding, harpsichord. Eduardo Leandro, percussion. Matangi string quartet, different project. Hans Lub, fiddle. Brabants Kamerkoor. Aduard van Regteren Altena, cello. Paula Majoor, violin. Marcel Moester, bass voice.
paul frankhuijzen