paul frankhuijzen

© Paul Frankhuijzen

Paul Frankhuijzen was inspired by the organic movement in cities, and he
took the initiative to work with different disciplines of art to come to a
single movement.

Mouvement is about the daily movement of cities and their culture. This constant flow consists
of a complexity of different cultures.

They function as an organic ball. Without concept but with desire for
self esteem and acceptance.
They nourish the veins which keep
the cities alive.

Mouvement cooperation and support by:

Stichting Axes Eindhoven
The one Minutes
Sandberg instituut Amsterdam
November music 's-Hertogenbosch
Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven
Stedelijk museum 's-Hertogenbosch
Kees van de Wiel Muziekproducties
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Dutch composer Paul  
  Frankhuijzen calls
  himself a composer of 
  natural movement.

  Paul often uses various 
  socio-cultural issues
  as inspiration for his work.
  Thereby the main theme is 
  not confrontation, on the
  contrary, it is the
  inspiration. It is a blend of 
  musical cultures.

íMouvementí a living organism in the city